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I was not happy with my appearance, the skin over my bridge was so thin that it was white with little blood flow, I wanted to keep a masculine nose and reduce the hump. I also wanted to pin my ears back as they were protruding slightly. I am not a vain person, however as a part time TV Presenter in England my appearance is very important and cosmetic surgery would increase my confidence. I´m aware that many more men are opting for cosmetic surgery and did not feel that there was a stigma not to do it.

Your questions regarding plastic surgery answered by Hubert Topinka, MD

Well-known plastic surgeon doctor Hubert Topinka from LD Clinic Prague 7 has answered your questions.


Breast plastic surgery

FitBreast shape, size and symmetry are attributes of beauty and feminity from time out of mind. Even a small deviation from the "norm" in any of these factors can cause impairment of women psychic stability. Plastic surgery helps to solve this problem.


Eyelid surgery

FitSigns of typical problems which we can call "ageing face" manifests usually after 40 years of age. One of the most "affected area is the one around eyes. Plastic surgery helps you and offer you a solution in your "battle" with face ageing.


Eyelid surgery without blood and scars

EstetikaDo you want to get rid of puffy bags and wrinkless under your eyes, but you are afraid of a scalpel? It is possible to correct them by laser. There will be no scars and the skin will get back its natural colour at latest in a month.

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Breast Enlargement