Cosmetic Surgery can change your dream into reality

Uneven nose that accompanies you from your childhood can be fixed in few days. The question is, if it doesn´t make you the person you are.


Eyelid Surgery - try Laser

If you want to get rid of unpretty under eye bags and wrinkles, but you are afraid of scalpel, laser can take care of them without a drop of blood and scars.


Galvanic Iron

A literal revolutionary blockbuster in keeping an aging complexion in from without having to undergo surgery-skin treatment using a galvanic iron. This miracle rejuvenates the complexion, equalises wrinkles, invigorates the scalp and smoothes the who body. The iron works on the principle of a controlled galvanic current. As part of the procedure, a special gel is applied to help deep clear the skin and simultaneously treat it with the help of positive beneficial materials.

Fallen eyelids? Do not wait needlessly.

Ancient wisdom states that the eye is the window of the soul. But when relentless gravity and drooping eyelids turn that window into peephole, it’s time to take action! A simple surgical procedure can open your eyes again!

Myth and Reality of Liposuction

The strength of some rumours is simply fascinating. There have been a lot of books and articles written about liposuctions, yet still myths abound that need to constantly be refuted. Václav Poláček, MD, Ph.D. and Joseph Kulhánek MD and MBA from Lékařský Dům/Medical House in Prague 7 answer some frequently asked questions that everyone thinking about liposuction wants the answer to.

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