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Do you also feel like you´re still 30, but there´s a old stranger with sagging face, under eye bags and double chin looking at you from the mirror every morning? Maybe also your time has come to get a facelift.
What is hidden behind this word? Facelifting is a facial surgery in general anaesthesia, during which your face is lifted from the center to your ears, extra skin is removed and wrinkles are smoothed out. After the surgery you stay one more day at the clinic and bandages are removed about 3 to 5 days after surgery. After 3 weeks the swelling subsides and you can return to your everyday life, but with a face that better fits your mental age.


Beauty under the scalpel

What is so special about minifacelift?

The surgery is unique, because it has great effect although it is performed as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthesia.The effect is really radical and yet you can go home after 2 hours and after 14 days you can be left without any bruise.


Full lips make you look younger

Ancient poets were the first to glorify full lips of beautiful women. They are one of the key elements of female sexuality and attractivity. Are you dissatisfied with them? We advice you what does lip plastic surgery involve.

According to the scientists full and expressive lips play a main role in determining one´s age. „We searched for people, that looked young for their age. Then we focused on their faces and found out that who´s lips stay full and firm looks much younger than his real age,“ says David Gunn from Unilever company, who led the research. „Curiously, our eye rather forgives few wrinkles around eyes than thin and shrunken lips.“


Surgery? Now is the right time.

Facial laser treatment, lower eyelids surgery, liposuction, breast modelling or unpretty varicose veins´ removal. Those are only some of the surgeries, which is better to undergo in colder months of the year. Why? The healing is easier and less painful!


Golf players visiting LD Clinic

On the second Wednesday of December a special event was held at LD clinic for lady golfers. Ladies had the opportunity to try a pure gold facial mask and other treatments of corrective dermatology, they could also consult different choices of plastic surgery, innovations in injectable fillers etc. with plastic surgeons Dr. V. Poláček and Dr. J. Kulhánek.

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