She heals the sick on the opposite side of the world

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Dr. Vrtiskova is a well-known specialist for facial congenital cleft malformations. She has been working over 20 years at a plastic surgery clinic in Prague. However, sometime she packs her surgical equipment and drops off to heal people on the opposite side of the world.

Although her specialization covers a wide range of health issues, she knew from the beginning what she´d wanted to do. It wasn´t only the fact that the Clinic of plastic surgery of Faculty Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady in Prague, where she started her career years ago, has been among the world´s leading clinics in congenital cleft malformations surgery. „The effect of these operations is practically immediate, which I always liked,“ she adds to explain her focus. „The difference is really incredible, although that doesn´t mean, that you´ve won.“ Without continuous long-term care provided by a team of specialists the final result would definitely not be perfect. She always enjoyed seeing how patients get better from day to day even thanks to this grunt work.

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